Wednesday, February 1, 2012


After a busy year I am getting ready to get back into the studio. Before I show you what I have been working on I thought I'd take you on a tour of my workroom.

Sorting buttons

I spent many hours sorting craft supplies and hulling irrelevant and outdated materials, and sorting buttons. Lots and lots of buttons.

Buttons sorted by colour

Lots of organized storage

There is lots of organized storage!

Workroom III

And lots of sunlight!

Workroom II

Lots of room to work


Lots of room for sewing

Lots of room for sewing!


New fabrics

And lots of new fabric to work with.

I better get to work!



  1. It's so bright and spacious and lovely.
    I am so pleased to see this blog of yours.

  2. You are so wonderfully organized it is a joy to observe. I wish some of it could rub off on me too. I looked at PD's " disorganized" office space and figured I would be lucky if mine looked like that after I had tidied it.