Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mug Rug

Not only was the Flock and Gather Springtime Handmade Market an overall lovely experience, I was inspired by all the talented artists selling their wares. Although I was very tempted to spend every last penny I earned over the weekend at other crafters tables, I restrained myself and only made a few purchases. However, I did regret not picking up one of Milkybeer's beautiful mug rugs. Not only do I find the term "Mug Rug" endearing, but they are so practical. I often have a few beverages on the go, or want a place to set down my phone and/or snack. So the other night when armed with some free time and an overflowing scrap basket (see below). I made my own little improvised patchwork mug rug (although I still may need to pick one of Kim's sometime soon).

Overflowing scrap basket

The result of a month and a half of sewing = packed scrap basket.

Handmade mug rug and a Cathy Terepocki mug

My improvised patchwork mug rug, featuring my favorite fabrics and a lovely mug made by Cathy Terepocki.

Have a lovely day,

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  1. Stephanie! Your work is beautiful! I didn't know you sewed so much. Wow - Please link up to any time. We do an all Canadian WIP Wednesday there, and have artist spotlights as well... : )

    LOVE the purse with the red bow !